Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Benefit Ka Brow

Benefit Ka Brow

Benefit recently relaunched their brow products as you're no doubt aware. I decided to try the Ka Brow as it's the most like my Anastasia Dip brow. 

The cream gel is designed to fill, sculpt and define brows. Builds from natural looking to dramatic and is waterproof and designed to last 24 hours. 

The brush is removable and then inverted and reinserted into the lid to form a handle. The gel is in the base. 

There are 6 shades available and the great news is that once you find your shade it's the same for all products.  They range from 1 for platinum blondes through to 6 for black haired beauties. 

I went for shade 4 as I received a sample in 6 from Elle and it was too dark.  Shade 4 it turns out was perfect for my medium brown hair. 

I wore this to my brutally tough circuits class, I must add I only wear make up to the gym if I go after work. Otherwise I look like a beetroot after 5 minutes so why bother?! I had no problems with sweat breaking down the formula. Even when I forgot and wiped my face I didn't end up with my brow halfway across my forehead. 

The amount supplied is much less than my dipbrow, which has currently lasted a year+ and is still going. So moving forward although this product is good for my the dipbrow is the queen and she isn't read to get off her throne yet. 

Available from all usual Benefit stockists.